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Graffiti Removal Video

I’ve blogged about graffiti statistics In Australia, the dangers of graffiti, the costs of graffiti in Australia and whether or not Graffiti is art or vandalism. But today it’s about a really cool video from The Graffiti Eaters who remove graffiti quickly and effectively – enjoy!

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  1. Ray Keefe

    What an excellent way to show the full range of services you offer. And here I was thinking you only removed Graffiti!

    I didn’t realise you had developed so much custom chemistry in order to be able to remove graffiti as effectively as you do. That certainly explains why you can’t just get any cleaner in to remove it. You need experts.

    Product Development is rather that same. While there are many people who can write some software or lay out a Printed Circuit Board, to design a great product that will be easy and cost effective to manufacture while reliable and robust in the field is not a trivial matter either. You need experts for that too.

    Ray Keefe
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