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Float Here Naked

Floatation Tank Melbourne - Float Here Naked If you’ve never floated, it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list!

Floatation Therapy involves you getting undressed, having a shower and lying in a floatation tank/pod.

If you’re concerned about public nudity – don’t be. You do all of this behind closed doors in your our private spa room!

Nudity is entirely optional, but highly recommended to embellish the sense of freedom and weightlessness you will experience as you float freely and magically as if in space!

This sign is an attention grabber – to get more people aware of a therapeutic service that has many benefits.

Can the experience be sensual, erotic and sexual? The answer is yes. There are many reasons people float and sensuality/eroticism would be one of them.

Floatation is an individual experience, but you can book double floats and do it at the same time with a partner, lover, spouse. Double floats are VERY popular, they just require an advanced booking to line up the time slots!

Whatever your predisposition – floatation therapy is an enjoyable experience you should try at least once!

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