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Enjoy the great outdoors on a Tasmanian holiday

Aussies certainly have no shortage of natural splendours to marvel at across the continent, but one of the most spectacular holiday destinations is Tasmania. As Australia’s smallest state, Tasmania features its own unique landscapes, culture and lifestyle. If you want an exotic holiday but don’t wish to venture too far, you’ll get a taste of something different when you cross the Bass Strait. Although it may be small, the abundance of attractions and tranquil lifestyle makes Tasmania particularly well-suited to long term stays (2-3 days just won’t cut it – play for 1-2 weeks!)

History and Culture

Originally settled as a penal colony by the British, you can see the remains of these prisons in sites such as Port Arthur. This is one of the most popular Tasmanian attractions, offering tours through the massive decayed ruins to learn more about the hardships experienced by Tasmania’s original convict settlers. Another historical site of interest is Sullivan’s Cove in the state capital of Hobart. These functional docks are a place to sit back in a trendy waterfront café and watch the maritime traffic go by, from fishing boats to fancy yachts.

A new attraction of particular interest to art-loving mainland Aussies is The Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA. This contemporary and classical art collection features rotating exhibits and a cutting-edge events schedule. Although Hobart has a very traditional reputation, it’s slowly becoming more of a cultural hotspot. Visitors thinking about extending their holiday by purchasing real estate in Tasmaniamay want to look within the city, to capitalise on its growing art and cultural scenes. Other museums of note throughout the state include the Tiagarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Outdoor Attractions

Tasmania, Tasmanian Lanscapes, Tasmanian Sights, Tasmania NaturalNearly half of the island is protected wilderness, in the form of national parks, marine reserves, and World Heritage Sites. This leaves plenty of pristine scenery for visitors to enjoy, and has earned Tasmania the nickname of “Australia’s Natural State.” Although there is a wide variety of wildlife to enjoy, one of the most famous residents of Tasmania is the Tasmanian devil. This small marsupial boasts sharp teeth and fearsome cries, but it is quite shy and currently endangered. Due to the island’s isolation from mainland Australia, many plants and animals have managed to survive that are extinct elsewhere. Specialist tour operators take visitors around regions such as the protected Narawntapu National Park to spot wombats, platypuses, Tasmanian devils, and more.

Tasmanian Coastline, Tasmania Holiday, Tasmanian HolidaysWith so many national parks, it’s difficult to know where to begin on your adventures if you only have a short stay. Cradle Mountain National Park is a good start, with its craggy mountain peaks and crystal-clear Dove Lake. The Freycinet Peninsula is another popular outdoor area to explore, located on the eastern coast of the island. With its mountain cliffs and placid bay, it provides sheltered beaches for swimming or taking small boats out on the water. This is one of Tasmania’s most popular spots in the summer months for Australian visitors. The Bay of Fires is another popular summer spot noted for its striking beauty, featuring blue water and red rocks.

Tasmania Holiday, Tasmanian HolidaysEnjoy the views from high altitude locations such as the Tahune Forest Airwalk and summit of Mt. Wellington. These give you a bird’s eye view of the layout of Tasmania’s lush forests and craggy peaks. Another must-see outdoor sight is the Cataract Gorge Reserve, simply known as “The Gorge” to the locals. Only a twenty-minute walk outside of the town of Launceston, this urban park follows the cliffs along the South Esk River. Amenities include a café, beach, and swimming pool.

An Exotic Holiday Close to Home

From the bustling cafes and intriguing maritime history of Hobart to the lush outdoor splendours of its nature preserves, Tasmania has something different to offer. Its uniquely isolated position and well-protected national park system makes it an ideal getaway for mainland travellers in search of adventure.

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