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Don’t Make This Blog Mistake

Just a quick post to make sure that when you do launch your blog – make sure it is on the SAME domain as your website or sales pages IF you want to create traffic to that site, page or product. If you create a separate URL, then ONLY that URL will get the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefit…

For example:

My Personal Mastery Blog is so that my primary site gets all the SEO benefit, as does my Mindset Of A Champion Blog

If I had created a URL, then it and only it would get the SEO traffic = self-defeating and not exponential at all.


  1. Sam Kritsotakis

    this is great for those people who like myself, the internet is not their primary place of knowledge. I have been using the strategies and techniques that are posted here for a little while now and am starting to get the results that I want for both my blog and website.

    The skills I have been learning are helping not only my blog but also helping to generate traffic for my website for FREE! by simply doing some of this stuff yourslef you will see results that are simple and easy to get and the best part is that it generally takes less than a few minutes to implement yet the results are permanent

    thankyou very much for helping me with this skillset.

    Eskae Jeweller

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