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How To Make Hand Sanitiser

Lena Yammine of Inner Outer Health just posted this helpful video on how to make your own hand sanitiser.

How to find lost money

The Australian government is trying to help (you) find money in lost or forgotten accounts. Click on the hyperlink to see if you have a hidden treasure somewhere unknown! A friend recently found $2,000 in a ‘trust transfer’ account following a real estate transaction she did more than 10 years ago! Happy hunting!

What to Consider when Buying your First Motorcycle

What to Consider when Buying your First Motorcycle If you have dreams of driving the Great Ocean Road or through the Outback with the wind in your hair, there’s nothing like buying a motorcycle in Australia. Yet for first-timer owners, there are several factors to take into consideration both in terms of safety and value. […]

Australian Moon

The video below is from an Australian Astrographer, Colin Legg. The video won first prize in the animation category and the filming used a number of special techniques and captures some unique or unusual events such as: 1.    Comet Lovejoy 2.    Exploding Meteor and vapor train 3.    A Total Lunar eclipse from start to finish To […]

Aussie Rules to Car Hire

Hiring a car can be a pretty daunting prospect and it’s no wonder why; All of the small print and multiple insurance options, what have I signed up for? Was breakdown cover included? What happens if I have an accident? All this isn’t helped by those horror stories of unscrupulous companies piling on extra charges […]

Debt Consolidation

This is a brilliant concept! Create a beautiful graphic image that tells your story in a compelling and influential manner and invite people to post it on their blogs with a back link to your blog or website. This is absolute genius! What I especially like is that this ADDS VALUE to readers because it’s […]

Make This A Great Australia Day For Queensland Flood Victims

This year’s Australia Day can be extra special if you give generously to the Queensland Flood Victims via the following organisations. Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours of Melbourne sent me the link to the Queensland Government Flood Relief effort. Brendan Rigby of Inspire Fitness also of Melbourne suggests the Australian Red Cross.

How To Get More People To Read Your Blog

As a blogger, what you ultimately want is to get more people to read what you’re writing. The amazing thing about a blog that’s so exciting is that you can include videos, podcast, photos and links to incredible sites. If you’re a great blogger, you know all about user-generated content. Today’s post was sent to […]

Get a new iPhone for Christmas?

I am sure I am not the only one to get a brand new iPhone for Christmas… But what will you do with your old mobile phone? Recycle it by donating it to charity!. That way you not only save the environment, but you help a charity create much needed income! That’s an exponential double-whammy! […]

Don’t Make This Blog Mistake

Just a quick post to make sure that when you do launch your blog – make sure it is on the SAME domain as your website or sales pages IF you want to create traffic to that site, page or product. If you create a separate URL, then ONLY that URL will get the SEO […]