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New .au domains released!

It’s about time Australia gets its country-level domain (.au)! Find out how to get yours by clicking here.

Australia Post Malware Warning

You should NOT click on the email below – it’s malware that will destroy all the files on your hard disk, DropBox and any other connected network drives and servers. Never, ever click on an unknown/unexpected email like this – or you’ll suffer the consequences.

Get On the Social Scene: How to Utilise New Media

By now, you probably know social media needs to form part of your online communication and promotional strategy. You may even already have set up profiles for your business, have built a following and are regularly using the platforms to communicate with your community. But are you getting results you desire from your social media […]

Web Design Tips for Aussie Retailers

According to recent statistics compiled by, 79% of Australians use the internet on a daily basis. They’re using the internet for communication, recreation, and for online shopping. This led to $33 billion dollars in ecommerce sales in 2012, with the number expected to increase to $37.1 billion in 2013. If you’re a business owner […]

Is Your Blog Bland?

Is your blog bland and boring like the one shown here on the left? Then there’s no wonder no one’s coming back! To get more people to read and subscribe to your blog, you need to make it visually enticing to match the intriguing content that adds value to the reader. Many writers forget that […]

Autism Expert Blog

Today’s post is special, it includes an AUDIO interview with Magic Barclay of Fitness Driven in Geelong as well as a downloadable checklist. Magic cares for people the various conditions and afflictions noted below with a holistic, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach, producing, well… exponential results with a holistic approach that involves the patient and his or […]

5 Blog List Building Tips

Want to get better results from your email marketing efforts and grow your email list? Here are the elementary steps of list building, as well as some more creative ideas. The Basics of Blog List Building When you first get started with email marketing, it’s normal to have a smaller list. It takes a concerted […]

The Social Media Revolution Is Here

The social media revolution is here stronger than ever – you need to watch this YouTube video to grasp how the world is changing at record speed.

Make $100/Hour From Home… Sound Impossible?

Check out the blog post I just published on my Internet Mastery Blog called “Make $100/Hour Cash Flipping Websites For Profit“. It has all the details. If you’re still a little apprehensive, you can then go to my Business Mastery Blog and see how REAL BUSINESSES are getting FREE leads… If those two blog posts […]

Exponential Blogging 101

You may or may not know that we’ve posted a FREE AUDIO PROGRAM on blogging… I just thought I would remind you that it’s still there, it’s still FREE, but who knows when we’ll decide to start selling it. Why not take a minute to get instant access and give it a listen over the […]

How Much Would It Take To Change Your Life?

Take this anonymous ‘one click’ poll and in a few days I’ll let you know the results… It’s a new feature with LinkedIn. Something you might want to add to YOUR blog… How much would it take to ‘change’ your life? It’s an interesting question that I am sure will yield interesting answers! If you […]

Insert ads in your videos

The geniuses at Stanford University have just developed technology allowing you to insert ads (or any images) into any flat surfaces within your videos. The potential for advertisers is really exciting. Insert ads into any video The creators liken it to adding Google Adsense to your blog – if you create a lot of videos, […]

Blogging As A Traffic Generation Tool For “Real” Businesses

Blogging is well established in the online/virtual space, but in my observation comparatively few Aussie businesses are successfully harnessing blogs as a traffic generation and customer engagement tool. Some of our business clients have been blogging for over 2 years now and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the quantity of search […]

Standardzilla – web standards and industry news

Standardzilla focuses on the Australian web industry with topics such as web standards development, accessibility, usability issues and search engine optimisation. Popular articles include Corporate Web Standards, Is SEO Evil and Developing Websites with Meaning. Standardzilla –