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Get On the Social Scene: How to Utilise New Media

Social MediaBy now, you probably know social media needs to form part of your online communication and promotional strategy. You may even already have set up profiles for your business, have built a following and are regularly using the platforms to communicate with your community.

But are you getting results you desire from your social media activity? Read on to find out how to make your social profiles deliver ROI.

Set Tangible Goals and Outcomes

It’s essential to know what you want out of your social media activity.

  • Are you trying to build brand awareness and loyalty?
  • Provide an alternate way for customers to interact with your business?
  • Increase sales and conversions?
  • Form relationships with partners and affiliates?

You need to have a purpose to what you’re doing online if you want to be able to see – and measure – results.

Use The Right Platforms

Knowing which social media applications you need to be investing time and resources into is an important step in ensuring that your social networking endeavours will work for you. Unless you genuinely have the time to spend really utilising each platform to their maximum potential and keeping it regularly updated, you may be better off choosing one or two key social media applications to focus on rather than making a sporadic attempt at keeping five or six profiles up to date across every social networking application available.

Own Your Database

Earlier this year, some page managers started complaining that there had been a sharp decline in their reach and engagement levels after Facebook made some changes to how information was displayed in news feeds. You can’t control things like that, but it can have a detrimental impact on the community you’ve built if you haven’t integrated a way to drive your customers to your email subscription list or website while continuing to interact with them on social media. If you aren’t sure how to do this, contact a digital agency like Simple to help with your social media engagement and promotional strategies.

Get Creative With Your Content

Have some fun with your posts; this is your chance to step out of the corporate box. Social media has changed the way that brands communicate with their customers and provides opportunities to be a little more casual and human in your approach (within reason – there’s still a time and a place for fun. Written communication can easily be misconstrued so keep it professional if the situation calls for a more formal response). From fun phone pics with filters and overlays to videos and sharing relevant content from other pages, social media offers new ways for you to broadcast your key messages to your audience and benefit from the organic word of mouth opportunities that social media presents.

When done well, social media can be a powerful tool for growing your business, building an engaged, loyal following and delivering tangible outcomes and deliverables.

What’s your best tip for businesses to ensure social media success? Place a comment below.

This was a guest post. If you would like to submit an article, please contact us for our publishing terms and conditions.

Web Design Tips for Aussie Retailers

According to recent statistics compiled by, 79% of Australians use the internet on a daily basis. They’re using the internet for communication, recreation, and for online shopping. This led to $33 billion dollars in ecommerce sales in 2012, with the number expected to increase to $37.1 billion in 2013.

If you’re a business owner who has yet to create an online presence, now’s the time to tap into the market. Yet while most businesses have websites, not all of these are seeing the brisk level of sales that they could.

A well-designed retail website will not only help draw in customers, but it will encourage them to visit time and again. There are a few tips that can help you make sure your website stands out from the competition.

Shopify Website Builders & Templates

Choose from hundreds of templates, which you can customise to fit your unique brand

Use Professional Templates If you run a small business and don’t have the time or money to hire a professional web design team, you may want to look into all-in-one web hosting solutions.

These website builders will offer you the ability to pick and choose from hundreds of templates, which you can then customise to fit your unique brand.

The best templates will be elegant and easy to navigate. At the moment, minimalism is a top trend in web design.

Don’t be afraid to try out several different designs, changing fonts, colours, or other small details every couple of weeks and analysing the results.

This will help you determine the layout that will give you the best results.


Post Great Photos

Choosing the best website builder will get you off to a great start when it comes to web design. Yet the actual content that you post is extremely important. For online retailers, this will usually include photos and descriptions of physical products. Be sure not to underestimate the importance of a stylish, flattering photo.

Because customers won’t be able to see or touch the product in person, they will be relying on photos to make their purchasing decision. Photograph as many small details as possible, using sufficient lighting. Offering a 360 degree view of the product or even a short video of its use by a model can also enhance your web design.

Integrate a Reliable Payment Gateway

Although many online retailers add a shopping cart as a last minute detail, this is actually one of the most important facets of designing a successful retail website. You can lure the customer in with your appealing design and top-notch products, but if the checkout system is too lengthy and confusing you’ll lose the sale.

There are numerous payment gateways that you can connect to your website, including credit card companies and third-party processors such as PayPal. Using ecommerce software is a good way to connect these gateways to your website with seamless integration. Allow friends to try out your shopping cart system to see how it can be improved, always striving for a one-page payment process.

By paying attention to the various design features on your website and how they work together, you can create a unique shopping experience for your online customers. This will put you in line to share in the booming ecommerce market in Australia.

Is Your Blog Bland?

Is your blog bland and boring like the one shown here on the left? Then there’s no wonder no one’s coming back! To get more people to read and subscribe to your blog, you need to make it visually enticing to match the intriguing content that adds value to the reader. Many writers forget that blogging is a VISUAL experience. With today’s visual media, you need to make sure you add pictures, diagrams, images, MindMaps and of course embed videos from YouTube.

A bland blog like this is created purely for SEO purposes and that won’t be worth much in the long run. Sure the immediate SEO effect will be there, but without HUMANS going to the pages, STAYING on the pages AND coming back, it will die a slow death within the indexes.

Don’t forget that when you launch a blog, you’re doing it for the end game – to have a loyal readership that wants to hear from you.

Make what you have to say exciting, appealing and attractive. Go from Bland To Brand!

Otherwise your blog will languish and all your effort will be for naught.

If you’re going to put in 90% of the effort (writing the content), why not go the extra 10% and get the REWARDS?

Just ask yourself one simple question…

“Would I read and come back to this blog?”

Autism Expert Blog

Today’s post is special, it includes an AUDIO interview with Magic Barclay of Fitness Driven in Geelong as well as a downloadable checklist. Magic cares for people the various conditions and afflictions noted below with a holistic, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach, producing, well… exponential results with a holistic approach that involves the patient and his or her carer. Her blog is becoming the central source of up-to-date information and research for people who want solutions that work.

Australian Blogs is proud to support Magic’s incredible devotion to this cause that helps so many who need better information. Information that actually solves problems, reduces pain and discomfort.

To listen to Dr Marc Dussault’s Interview of Magic Barclay at Fitness Driven <- Click on the hyperlink.

5 Exponential Blogging Lessons are included below:

Continue reading ‘Autism Expert Blog’

5 Blog List Building Tips

Want to get better results from your email marketing efforts and grow your email list? Here are the elementary steps of list building, as well as some more creative ideas.

The Basics of Blog List Building

When you first get started with email marketing, it’s normal to have a smaller list. It takes a concerted effort to get in the habit of asking for email addresses. There are people who have been email marketing for years and still aren’t taking advantage of all the opportunities they have to grow their list. Don’t let that be you!

Here are a few simple things that you can do to build your list:

  • Put a “Join My Email List” sign-up box on your website or blog. Your website is the first place most people look when they want information about your business. It’s great when they visit your website, but are you capturing their email addresses? Don’t miss the chance to start building a relationship with them.
  • Ask your customers for their email addresses and permission whether it’s over the phone or in person. Don’t forget to tell customers about your email communications and ask if you can add them to your list. If you have a physical store, put out a sign-up book in a prominent place. If your business is Internet-based and your only customer communication is through email, send them a follow-up email after an order and ask if they want to join your list. If you have employees who interact with customers, train them to ask as well.
  • When you meet people at networking events and trade shows tell them about your free e-newsletter or your email-only specials and ask them if they would like to join your list.

Want to take it to the next level?

Here are some creative ideas that you can put into practice: Continue reading ‘5 Blog List Building Tips’

The Social Media Revolution Is Here

As you know by now, my short blog posts are rare. This is one of them. This YouTube video is a must watch for anyone involved in Internet Marketing. It is absolutely priceless. I know you’ll want to watch it more than once and forward this blog link to colleagues and friends.

The Social Media Revolution Is Here

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Exponential Blogging 101

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  • How to manage content and publishing – the pros and cons of different strategies including the pitfalls to avoid at any cost.
  • How to gain link popularity ethically and exponentially.
  • How to get noticed in the ocean of blogs that are out there – if you don’t do this, you’re putting in a LOT of effort for little or no result/reward – that’s no fun.

How Much Would It Take To Change Your Life?

Take this anonymous ‘one click’ poll and in a few days I’ll let you know the results… It’s a new feature with LinkedIn. Something you might want to add to YOUR blog…

How much would it take to ‘change’ your life?

It’s an interesting question that I am sure will yield interesting answers!

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Insert ads in your videos

The geniuses at Stanford University have just developed technology allowing you to insert ads (or any images) into any flat surfaces within your videos. The potential for advertisers is really exciting.

Insert ads into any video

The creators liken it to adding Google Adsense to your blog – if you create a lot of videos, why not make money from it while you’re at it?

You can create an account and start making videos here, or have a look at the gallery where others have inserted logos into popular movies and TV shows.

Blogging As A Traffic Generation Tool For “Real” Businesses

Blogging is well established in the online/virtual space, but in my observation comparatively few Aussie businesses are successfully harnessing blogs as a traffic generation and customer engagement tool.

Some of our business clients have been blogging for over 2 years now and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the quantity of search engine traffic (particularly “long tail” traffic) that is now being generated (typically 25 – 40% of search engine traffic will come via a blog within 3-6 months.)

At this level of traffic, the strategy starts to become financially viable within a short timeframe.  The biggest roadblock for most business owners is that they don’t have the time (or the writing skills) to keep up regular posting.

The solution is to either outsource the whole blog creation and marketing process, or to outsource just the content creation and manage the posting process yourself.

The strategy is pretty simple:

  1. Set up a blog on your own domain (WordPress or Movable Type are recommended).
  2. Get a bunch of relevant articles written (contractors can be sourced cheaply on Elance or Guru)
  3. Load the articles into your blog and schedule them to be published at a pre-set date.  This means you can set it up once and the articles “publish themselves”.
  4. Make sure your blog is accessible from your site and to search engines.
  5. Organic traffic will start to trickle in and grow the longer you run the strategy.

Yes, there are much more “high-concept” blogging strategies that normally require the business owner to “drive” the content creation.  My experience is that most business owners don’t have the time (or don’t prioritise this activity) for long enough to see results.  For this reason, a “set and forget” strategy can be more practical.

Here are a few examples of sites using this strategy.  The articles may not always be great writing, but they do get the job done of attracting long tail traffic and converting it into site visits and enquiries.

Standardzilla – web standards and industry news

Standardzilla focuses on the Australian web industry with topics such as web standards development, accessibility, usability issues and search engine optimisation. Popular articles include Corporate Web Standards, Is SEO Evil and Developing Websites with Meaning.

Standardzilla –