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Raw Data Is Valuable, In Fact It Can Save Lives!

This TED TALK by Tim Berners-Lee is another classic example of Antimimeticisomorphism in action. I won’t spoil the presentation for you except to say it’s amazing what smart people can do when they put their minds to it AND the data is available.

How To Get More People To Read Your Blog

I’ve blogged about this before. The only way you can get more people to read your blog is to keep giving them value. Today’s post was sent to me by Doggy Day Care Owner, Bree Robbins of Paddington Pups. You judge for yourself how totally cool this is…
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How To Get More People To Read Your Blog

As a blogger, what you ultimately want is to get more people to read what you’re writing. The amazing thing about a blog that’s so exciting is that you can include videos, podcast, photos and links to incredible sites. If you’re a great blogger, you know all about user-generated content. Today’s post was sent to me by Peter Wilson of OZ Cakes in Melbourne.

An Incredible World Clock

I promise you when you click on the link here – you’ll be amazed and transfixed by what’s happening in the world

World Clock Statistics

World Clock Statistics

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Brisbane’s Paddington Pups Launches Dog Of The Month Contest

I recently blogged about Brisbane’s Paddington Pups who went from 0 sales to sold out in 3 weeks… Today’s post takes it one step further.

Hi Marc

I just wanted to say I love the Exponential Mindset and how well it works!  Small and easy to implement things for my business that have a huge impact.

Here is a great example I just experienced that you might want to share.

I was looking for a supplier of Dog calendars in November just gone so I could sell calendars to my clients who are all dog lovers.

I couldn’t find a supplier. I was so frustrated I decided to put together our own calendar for 2011 so I won’t have the same issue next year.

My husband is a professional photographer so know I can get great photos of my clients’ dogs. That’s when the Exponential Mindset comes in… I decided to implement Dog Of The Month where my husband would take the photos and the dog of the month for 2010 becomes the dog for that month in the 2011 wall calendar. By doing it this way, creates excitement and anticipation for next year’s calendar.

The dog who wins Paddington Pups Dog of the Month not only has to be a regular client but also must be a well behaved dog with its owners as raving fans of my business. This is my reward for them, a fun thing to do that everyone gets a kick out of!

You should know I am writing this to you in February before we have unveiled the dog of the month for March.

I want to let you know that already the buzz is huge. All my clients want to win! They all want to know who has won but most of all they want to know how their puppy or dog can win dog of the month.

The most interesting part is not however, the in-store competition and jealousy between the dog parents as you might think but the response from non-Paddington Pups clients.  In discussions with the mum of February’s Dog of The Month – Magic – the response she has received has been dramatic.

When Magic and her mum go to the local off leash park (a daily event) she has had people she has never spoken to before come up to her and say “Oh that’s Magic! Paddington Pups‘ Dog Of The Month!”

This happened on several occasions. Magic’s mum is blown away by the success of this ‘Marketing Tool’ as she refers to it.

Given that I have not been the one having the conversations with the people in the park I can’t say if they have dogs that come to Paddington Pups doggy daycare, are locals that come into the shop to purchase food or if they have read about Magic in the Pupdate (newsletter) or on our Paddington Pups Blog.  What I can tell you is that people are positively talking about my business in the local park where my potential clients go and congregate and talk about their dogs.

The pre-eminence this has created for my business is huge and we are only two months into the concept I can’t wait until the 2011 calendar is out.  The Calendar will serve as a constant reminder in people’s homes as well as the homes of all their family and closest friends. Who wouldn’t want to give a calendar as a gift if their dog or puppy was in it?!?!

Plus it gets even better as I have already managed to secure a sponsor for the calendar who is happy to contribute financially to add their branding. Did I mention it’s only February?!?!

I love the Exponential Mindset!

Thanks Marc for helping me think outside the cube and know how to twist it into profits that are fun!

Bree Robbins
Top Dog
Paddington Pups

Isn’t it amazing how one simple idea can become Exponential?

It of course has no end… Because once adopted, an Exponential Mindset keeps coming up with combinations…

  • The first calendar will be the Dog Of The Month
  • The second calendar will the Puppy Of The Month
  • The third calendar can be the Labrador Of The Month, Boxer, Beagle…

Of course it doesn’t end there…

  • The photos can be sold as large high resolution (quality) prints
  • Keychains, coffee mugs, etc. can be created for each winning dog or puppy.

With an Exponential Mindset, once you’ve CREATED the initial movement, momentum is not hard to maintain…!

Autism Expert Blog

Today’s post is special, it includes an AUDIO interview with Magic Barclay of Fitness Driven in Geelong as well as a downloadable checklist. Magic cares for people the various conditions and afflictions noted below with a holistic, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach, producing, well… exponential results with a holistic approach that involves the patient and his or her carer. Her blog is becoming the central source of up-to-date information and research for people who want solutions that work.

Australian Blogs is proud to support Magic’s incredible devotion to this cause that helps so many who need better information. Information that actually solves problems, reduces pain and discomfort.

To listen to Dr Marc Dussault’s Interview of Magic Barclay at Fitness Driven <- Click on the hyperlink.

5 Exponential Blogging Lessons are included below:

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The Social Media Revolution Is Here

As you know by now, my short blog posts are rare. This is one of them. This YouTube video is a must watch for anyone involved in Internet Marketing. It is absolutely priceless. I know you’ll want to watch it more than once and forward this blog link to colleagues and friends.

The Social Media Revolution Is Here

Exponential Blogging Revealed

I get a lot of questions about how to optimise a blog, make money with a blog, keep blogging with current information, how to configure and setup a blog and the list goes on… I spent an hour with Blogging Expert Will Swayne of Marketing Results and we recorded the Interview we call “Exponential Blogging 101“. You can have it for free (until the promotion lasts) by clicking on the URL below.

Exponential Blogging 101

Click on the hyperlink-> To find out all about Exponential Blogging 101.

Wordle Analysis – Add It To YOUR Blog!

If you’ve never seen this before, boy are you lucky you’ve subscribed to this blog! Wordle is one of the coolest things on the Internet – it’s self explanatory so I’ll just show you want the Wordle of this blog looks like..

Australian Blogs Wordle

Australian Blogs Wordle

And then this WORDLE – which compares

President Obama’s Inauguration Speech to Bush’s

Blog And Grow Rich With MasterMind Groups

Once you’ve launched a blog, you quickly realise that it’s an on-going responsibility to keep coming up with interesting and relevant stuff to write about. Creating a MasterMind Group is one way to make it a lot easier – in fact if you do it right, it will become almost ‘effortless’.

How To Create A MasterMind Group

I’ve written a book How to Create a Fun, Effective and Powerful MasterMind Group to Catapult You To Exponential Success that you can purchase and at the same time get the exclusive 66-minute Exponential Mastermind Audio Interview and Word-For Word Transcript.

As a blogger, the MasterMind concept is crucial to make sure you never run out of new, relevant and interesting material.

A MasterMind Group is a handful of people who appreciate what you are blogging about and want to CONTRIBUTE to your cause, message and audience. They are like-minded people who are passionate, generous and insightful. They know what you’re into and give you content without reservation or hesitation.

Your MasterMind Group Members will find stuff you’d never find in a million years. They’ll make connections for you and your audience you otherwise would never consider. By tapping into their collective intelligence, you’ll instantly and continuously expand your circle of influence, awareness and understanding about your subject, cause, discipline.

You’ll become the center point of attention, the nucleus of knowledge – the preeminent source of information.

I have multiple blogs with dozens of contributors who give of themselves and share their ideas, thoughts, tips and tricks with me so that I can then share them with you.

So how do you get this MasterMind Group to form? Buy my book if you want to learn the step-by-step process, but the short and easy answer is – CREATE and GIVE as much VALUE as you can and the Law Of Reciprocity will kick in – it’s the human law of persuasion and influence as documented by Dr Robert Cialdini that will start to reward you.

Leaders amongst your blogging readership will emerge and start to give you stuff – stuff that will make people come to your blog and want to come back AND SUBSCRIBE!

SEO: 1 Percent Improvement

This is one of my favorite concepts, improving 1 percent per day, every day. As I mentioned elsewhere, 1 percent improvement is about IMPROVING something not just ‘doing’ something.

That’s why I wanted to let you know what mine was today… I was going through my blogs and editing comments when my 1% popped out…

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Creating Valuable Blog Content

Watch this brief YouTube video so you can get where I’m coming from…

You can create valuable content for your blog by first telling people what they don’t know they don’t know – that’s what’s called ‘intriguing’ and on its own will fascinate some of your readers.

The exponential value however is to reveal what your readers don’t know they already know. That unleashes what I call the Exponential Potential™ creating a sense of confidence and excitement of what’s possible FOR THEM.

Because they now know they know ‘X’.

If you keep revealing stuff they either don’t know they don’t know or don’t know they know – you’ll have them hooked and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Whatever you do, don’t tell them what they already know they know OR worse what they know they don’t know. If you tell them what they already know, they’ll never come back and if you remind them of what they know they don’t know, you’ll not only lose them as blog visitors, but you’ll never get them as clients, affiliates, in fact they’ll avoid you at all costs.

So there you have it – a different perspective on how you can create valuable content for you blog!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


In an upcoming post, I am going to highlight why and how you must consider having multiple blogs to MULTIPLY your results and enhance your communications.

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