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Aussie Rules to Car Hire

Hiring a car can be a pretty daunting prospect and it’s no wonder why; All of the small print and multiple insurance options, what have I signed up for? Was breakdown cover included? What happens if I have an accident? All this isn’t helped by those horror stories of unscrupulous companies piling on extra charges […]

Australian Astronomers Recognised Globally

The material for this post was provided by Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours who is an amateur astronomer and member of IceInSpace, the Australian Amateur Astronomy community. Australian astronomers are a surprisingly active group with some recent recognition on the world stage. First there was Australian Astrographer, Colin Legg, who won the first prize in […]

5 Cool Australian Property Blogs

Before you buy or sell or invest in properties in Australia, it’s a good idea to look at the many blogs and sites that discuss the overall market, as well as specific tips and  issues you should be aware of. This is equally important if you are considering a domestic purchase (within Australia) or if […]

$500 Groupon Credit To Be Won

Recently, during their big office move, Groupon staff cleaned out their cabinets and found this ancient looking voucher valued at $500 in Groupon credit! Naturally their first thought was to give it away. But they want their  Groupies to do a couple of things to truly test their Groupon love and dedication! Consider it an […]

Computer Recycling

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of anything to do with recycling. Today’s post is a site that recycles computers. I haven’t used them (yet), but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go and let me know how it worked out. T  ogether E  veryone A  chieves M  […]

The Breathing Earth Website

Today’s blog post is from Bree Robbins, owner of Queensland’s #1 Doggy Day Care, Paddington Pups. It’s a website that shows the impact we’re having on the earth. Click on the link to be amazed and humbled at the same time.

Wags Day Out

I recently came across a cute blog post published by Paddington Pups about Wags Day Out… It’s a great way to tell a story of what is special about your Dog Day Care in Southwest Brisbane. Because the fact that Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer visited recently only goes so far…

Australia keeps up with accelerating technology

The pace of technology is certainly daunting. Which always raises the issue of how to keep up with it especially when you only want information about specific aspects and niche subjects. This is one area where blogs can really excel. Picking the right blog to subscribe to can provide you with a stream of useful […]

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

There are a lot of blogs out there that publish so much bland content that it’s refreshing to come across a collection of blogs that are interesting and intriguing. Today’s post is a list of the Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011 published by The Exponential Growth Strategist, Dr Marc Dussault. Listed in no particular […]

Everydaysale: Your Voucher Codes Expert!

We’ve all heard of the Groupon ‘deal of the day’ phenomenon. Here in Australia we have Scoopon, Streets and handful of others. There’s a new twist in the UK… is one of the UK’s leading independent discount voucher code websites with a unique ratings system and a large, ever-growing consumer audience. They offer amazing […]

Opera House Cake

As Australians we are proud of our landmarks – especially the Sydney Opera House. Here is a time lapse to give an insight into the incredible week-long construction of the Opera House cake. Watch as the monolithic, chocolate-brown structure transforms into the alabaster iconic Opera House. Like little worker bees inside a hive, this glimpse […]

Fluoride: Good Or Bad? You Decide

We’re not taking sides, but this is an interesting debate . As a blogger, you want to pick sides (or not) when there is heated debate. That means there’s interest and traffic – INTERESTED people. In this instance, we’re staying out of it, We decided to post it because it’s obviously an issue of interest […]

Clean Up Day Australia Is March 6, 2011

We all need to do our share of keeping this beautiful country clean. Clean Up Australia Day is a great initiative that you should seriously consider participating in. T other E veryone A chieves M ore

How To Get More People To Read Your Blog

I’ve blogged about this before. The only way you can get more people to read your blog is to keep giving them value. Today’s post was sent to me by Doggy Day Care Owner, Bree Robbins of Paddington Pups. You judge for yourself how totally cool this is…

Wordle Analysis – Add It To YOUR Blog!

If you’ve never seen this before, boy are you lucky you’ve subscribed to this blog! Wordle is one of the coolest things on the Internet – it’s self explanatory so I’ll just show you want the Wordle of this blog looks like.. And then this WORDLE – which compares President Obama’s Inauguration Speech to Bush’s

Blog Branding

If you’re blogging as part of a corporate strategy, you need to make sure you are consistent with your branding, otherwise you will lose credibility, preeminence and yes sales. As an Exponential Growth Strategist, I help people get extra-ordinary results by doing out-of-the-ordinary things leveraging exponential marketing strategies on the Internet as well as in […]

Having Difficulty Writing All Those Blog Posts?

Today’s post is for you if you’ve ever had writer’s block. You know that awful feeling when you KNOW you need to write something, but nothing’s coming… Guess what? The ‘Internet’ has come to your rescue AGAIN! Someone’s figured out how to MOTIVATE you to write those blog posts… It’s called Write Or Die and […]

Cool Websites: and

I remember when I first moved to Australia and needed to call back ‘home’ how tedious it was to figure out timezones… Now the situation is reversed, Sydney is home with friends and clients all over the world, but the time zone challenge remains – Here is a GREAT website that INSTANTLY solves the challenge! […]