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Blog Of The Month

I am going to highlight a blog of the month every month – if you’d like to nominate your blog, post a comment here. I’d love to know why your blog should be singled out above and beyond others – of course ONLY Australian Blogs can be spotlighted here – afterall this is the #1 Australian Blogging Site!

Submit your blog by posting a comment below!


  1. Pamela Wilson

    My name is Pamela Wilson and I am a freelance journalist, editor, facilitator (2009 Sydney Writers’ Festival) and course presenter (Sydney Writers’ Centre). I am also the author of the WriteSmart blog, which is linked my website.

    Let me say, from the outset, I am not selling anything. My blog is designed, 100%, to provide something of value to readers. I am a writer and I love using my skills to inform, entertain and inspire blog readers.

    My blog carries author interviews; news, media and freelance industry commentary; writing tips; and inspirational articles.

    I update my blog every week and invite readers to ask questions whenever they choose.

    I welcome the opportunity to showcase my work on your website because I am passionate about what I write.

    Thank you,
    Pamela Wilson

    • Marc Dussault

      To be chosen, we need you to submit 5 to 10 blogging tips for our readers. Things you do that you know work to get more people to read your blog. Our focus is to help our readers become better bloggers. Once you submit those tips, we’ll determine if there is enough ‘value’ to highlight your blog and your tips. We look forward to your submission!

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