Blog Launch Checklist

Whenever you’re about to launch your blog, here is a blog launch checklist you want to consider using to make sure you tick all the boxes so-to-speak…

  • Blog name
  • Banner for the blog
  • Setup Blog software (WordPress,, etc.)
  • Determine who will be on the Blogroll
  • Get first blog post ready
  • From e-mail address for the blog – not personal e-mail
  • Categories for blog posts
  • Tags for blog posts
  • Keywords to focus on
  • YouTube videos to be embedded
  • Other blogs to link to
  • E-mails to be sent:
    • Friends & Family
    • Suspects
    • Prospects
    • Clients
    • Suppliers and colleagues
  • Blog directories
  • Forums to link back to the blog
  • RSS subscription
  • Search function on the blog
  • About Page content for SEO optimisation
  • Authors descriptions
  • Unique Selling Proposition/Theme/Topic/Subject
  • Products to sell/endorse
    • Get images and icons
    • Get Affiliate links
  • Research
    • Writers
    • Contributors
  • PR
    • Other blogs
    • Online PR
    • Offline PR
  • Cartoons and avatars

This checklist is a work-in-progress, if you have additional points and suggestions, please post a comment!

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