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Australian Solar Eclipse Tomorrow!

Sun Eclipse, Australian Solar EclipseOn the 14th of November (Australia time, 13th November UTC) a special event occurs in Australia. An partial eclipse of the sun will be visible in all parts of Australia including Western Australia where the sun will rise partially eclipsed. And in Cairns you will be able to see a total solar eclipse.

The percentage of the sun covered in most major capital city is shown below:

  • Adelaide 52% at 7:31am
  • Brisbane 83% at 6:54am
  • Canberra 62% at 8:04am
  • Darwin 92% at 6:11am (sunrise)
  • Melbourne 52% at 8:06am
  • Perth 37% at 5:11am (sunrise)
  • Sydney 67% at 8:02am

This information is provided by the Astronomical Association of Queensland via the Australian Amateur Astronomy Community Solar Eclipse for the Capital Cities and brought to our attention by Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours.

Australian Solar Eclipse, Eclipse, Sun Eclipse
Australian Solar Eclipse

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