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5 Cool Australian Property Blogs

Before you buy or sell or invest in properties in Australia, it’s a good idea to look at the many blogs and sites that discuss the overall market, as well as specific tips and  issues you should be aware of. This is equally important if you are considering a domestic purchase (within Australia) or if you’re based overseas.

Local laws and by-laws, loan offers, tax rates, environmental factors, and neighbourhood cultures are but a few of the issues which could be of interest to you as a property owner or investor. Below we list 5 blogs to get you started. If you come across other worthy sites, please let us know!

The HomeSales blog is part of a larger group in Australia, launched in 2009 for information on and sales of residential properties. Hundreds of thousands of properties are searchable on the site, and the blog includes a wide range of topics such as: “Interest Rate News – September 2012”, “Unions take on property developer Grocon”, “The Suburb of the Month”, etc. You can get great houses to look at from real estate in Melbourne to Sydney so check out the fab site and blog and see what’s around.

James White is Senior Analyst in Investment Markets Research at the Commonwealth Bank Group in Australia. He argues here that while property prices in Australia are currently high, that good deals can still be had. City living, in particular, comes with a premium price tag, but still leaves room for both sides of buying and selling properties. He believes that prices will remain high, and perhaps climb even higher.

House Search Australia blog

This blog discusses issues primarily for those wishing to purchase residential properties in the Sydney area. Since they represent only buyers, the advice here is single purpose. Recent topics include: “What Do Buyers Really Want?”,  “Land Tax and Investment Properties”, and “Selecting the best Property Managers”.

21 Century Property Direct

This blog by Konrad Bobilak is updated often, and covers topics such as “Australians Love to Renovate”, “Australian Housing at Most Affordable Level”, “Census Data is Gold for Investors”, and “10 Ways To Invest Like The Rich”. Mr Bobilak has wide experience in property investing, risk insurance, commercial loans, and is a financier and advisor to major banks. His blog relates his experience and advice for the Australian market today.

IPG Investment Property Group

This blog includes monthly articles on property and investment. One recent title for the Queensland area is: “Population Growth Drives Housing Demand”. In this blog post, the growth of Queensland and lack of housing should create a property boom here. A 13% increase in immigration from 2010 is driving this demand, and they believe this is a long term trend.

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