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10 Tips To Become a Better Blogger

Even if you’re an accomplished blogger, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded to do the right things. In the field of Expert Performance and Elite Athleticism, it’s called “Deliberate Practice” you might want to Google that. But getting back to blogging and 10 Tips To Become A Better Blogger…

As a blogger, you probably know that you have to post regular and relevant content that matches the niche you are writing for. You know you can’t just throw anything into your blog and expect to be credible and successful. But what else is there that makes the ‘Top’ bloggers so good?

10 Tips To Become A Better Blogger

1. Think about what your readers are looking for – specifically

By now you know MUST know your target audience which means you need to be providing them with the information that they are looking for and want. To know what this is, you need to remain current which means you need to scan the web for anything and everything that’s out there that can add value to them.

2. Avoid typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings

Proofread and edit as much as you possibly can – errors make your writing look unprofessional and sloppy, whilst Prfctn s Th Psn F Prftblty… (e.g. Perfection Is The Poison Of Profitability!)

3. Use links as often as you can

A liberal sprinkling of links into your articles and posts gives your readers even more information, in fact it’s been shown that many blogs are used to FIND those priceless links that otherwise would never be found!

Don’t worry about endorsing those other sites—if you are an authority in your niche you shouldn’t be threatened by your visitors getting information elsewhere. If you aren’t an authority, the links are the least of your worries!

I love the advice Grammar Girl has to dish out – she is spot on, especially with the use of Apostrophes!

4. Get and stick to the point

Keep your posts as short as necessary and stick to the point whenever possible, BUT…

There is a balance between the value of a long blog post like this one and the short burst of one great idea or thought. The more you VARY the length, the better OR you may choose ALL long or ALL short posts – whatever you do – do it KNOWINGLY and NEVER, EVER forget that it’s all about VALUE for the reader!

5. Keywords are vital for your blog

Using keywords (properly) makes the search engines happy, increasing your page rankings. That means you need to be strategic about making sure they are prominent, without making your posts look ‘spammy’.

Just keep this in mind and you’ll soon discover it’ll come naturally.

6. Hook your readers with a killer headline

What I call Killer Headlines will get your readers to at least scan your blog post. If you push a hot button, you’ll get more people to read and when you insert triggers within the copy, you’ll the all-important click-throughs!

7. Keep your writing style conversational

Your blog needs a ‘voice’, a style that you write in that engages and involves the reader. Just like I am doing with you now. You are reading this aren’t you?

Good, for a minute there, I thought I was writing to myself… Phew that would have been embarrassing – especially when I was about to tell you the most important tip to become a better blogger…

Oh so now you’re listening…

Y’see, that’s how you do it – get them INVOLVED and have a conversation – don’t speak TO them, chat WITH them and watch what happens to your readership!

8. Posting regularly is a must

If you don’t have time to write your own original, useful, and valuable post, share an article that someone else wrote, perhaps a video clip that fits your niche, or a book review. Or you take a list like this one, and modify, adapt it and customise it to your particular readers.

9. Be opinionated!

The thing about blogs is, readers know they are written by real people with opinions – yours! So give it to them. Of course you live and die by the sword so be CONSISTENT. The Rich Jerk for example has radical opinions, but it has worked out quite well for him… You don’t have to be that extreme, but without an opinion you won’t have many readers.

10. Use bullet points or numbered lists

Lists are a great way to add a LOT of value very quickly – people will scan for what’s interesting. Not sure if it work? You’re reading this aren’t you?

What more proof do you need? Want more information on how to write Killer Kopy to become a better blogger? Click on the hyperlink!

Can you see how many of these strategies were used in this ONE BLOG POST?!?!

It gets easier and faster the more you practice – as I started to say, it’s called Deliberate Practice – a concept that I cover in my Personal Mastery Blog and the topic of a presentation I am staging in Geelong, Victoria at the end of the month called the Mindset Of A Champion. You can either attend or just sign up to get the audio recording and bonuses!

OK I’ll stop now – you get the idea!

Go on, and use these 10 Tips to Become A Better Blogger!

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