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SIGN OUR NO CARBON TAX PETITION AND HELP SEND CANBERRA A STRONG MESSAGE: AUSTRALIA CAN NOT AFFORD THIS TAX! 10 top reasons why Carbon Tax is wrong and utterly pointless.....It is a green ideological tax for social engineering under the guise of dangerous climate change. It is unnecessary, ineffective, and hugely damaging to Australian families and our industry.....

VK3ZDDs antennablog

Understanding, designing, simulating, constructing, testing and using antennas.

Retriever Wireless News

Wireless Field Force Automation News

Short Cut Computers

Concordant blog for Short Cut Computers website which discusses broadband, wireless, wireless internet, computers, networks, Apple, and even this year an Online Xmas Shopping Guide just for the helluvit!

Full Duplex

A view from the trenches of Australian telecommunications written by ZDNet Australia journalist Renai LeMay.

Shane's Place - Shane Williamson's murmurings from Australia on personal & 3G mobile interests.

Shane's Place is Shane Williamson's Blog on murmurings from Australia on personal & 3G mobile & wireless interests. Also discusses interesting aspects of Web 2.0 that have interactions with the mobile world.
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