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Deviant Dildos

A blog about an Australian kinkster's experiences with sex, toys and masochism.

Sexual Intelligence

Analysis of men's psychology and sexual desire.


SIGN OUR NO CARBON TAX PETITION AND HELP SEND CANBERRA A STRONG MESSAGE: AUSTRALIA CAN NOT AFFORD THIS TAX! 10 top reasons why Carbon Tax is wrong and utterly pointless.....It is a green ideological tax for social engineering under the guise of dangerous climate change. It is unnecessary, ineffective, and hugely damaging to Australian families and our industry.....

Smalltown Adultery

I'm Ellie. Monogamy's not really my forte. I meet people, I have adventures. Come and play.

Mouths of Mums

I could tell you I'm some Supermum who has it all - perfectly manicured nails and sex 6 times a week - but I'd be LYING! Instead I'm a crazy chick who takes on too much and can't relax. Give me some comfy gear and a bag of snakes from the fundraising box and I'm all yours. In fact that's the way I started Mouths of Mums.

Funny Video Clips

Funny video clips offers almost everything you need: latest news, updates and more. This site was created to help you to find exactly what you`re looking for.. Escort Reviews Blog

A collection of Blogs from both Service Providers and Punters alike from across Australia... with entries varying from personal reviews of Escort Services to personal thoughts and discussion topics from Service Providers and the Webmaster of Australia's #1 Escort Review Website :-)

Our Sex Secrets

A blog written by two horny, and engaged lovebirds who want to reveal some of their highly secret love adventure with the interwebs

Screaming Violet

Im the opposite of a shrinking violet - I'm screaming Violet, blogging about all things sexual. Including sex toy reviews and my ongoing sexual exploits as a sexually driven, constantly horny Australian House wife

Sydney Brothels Review

We are a free adult information directory. We are also the only adult directory actively working with the government to stamp out sexual slavery.
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