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A snifter of politics, law and personal blogging from an alley in Melbourne somewhere. With cats.

Me and the Boy's life and living

The going's on of a young couple living in country Victoria.

The Pencil Guy: Hourann's illogical blog

The occasionally bizarre, sometimes political, and often crazy rantings of a West Australian university student, Mac user, and open-source geek.

Pirates Rock My World

Swashbuckling found here.


Just a blog about everything i get up to, PHP Development, Java Development, Web Development and design.

Insanity Creek

Bringing you daily serve of stupidity since 2002.


Cynicism in a Hot Dish

wasabi dreams

Canberra based blogger, includes technology and personal entries.


It's not about the ultimate destination but the journey you take and all the bumpy pot holes along the way.Erotica with a little bite, sex & the intellectual,social and personal, with a little chaos thrown in.
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