Top 100 Things You Love About Australia

I recently read an article in Forbes Magazine – the Top 100 things to love about the United States… It was a feel good list that I thought we could create for Australia… Here are some of mine – in no particular order.

  • Kangaroos – let’s face it, they’re dumb, but cute!
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • The Sydney Harbour and the bridge – you can’t have one without the other
  • Qantas – it’s not just the kangaroo logo, I really like safety.
  • Beaches
  • “Mate”

Add your contributions below by placing a comment and let’s see what we come up with!

Psst! You don’t have to come up with the whole list of 100 – just your own top 3, 5 or 10 things you love about Australia…


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