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Australian Blog Of The Month – January 2014 – Floatation Tank Melbourne

Every month, Australian Blogs selects a Blog Of The Month from its registry of more than 5,000 blogs. This month’s featured blog is www.FloatationTankMelbourne.com.au. Click on the image below to check it out.

Floatation Tank Melbourne

If you would like your blog to be featured, your blog needs to be registered and once that is done, contact us. Your blog must be “Australian” to be listed in the directory listing.


What do you think of our new banner?

As you can see, we’ve updated the Australian Blogs Banner… We thought it was time we gave it a mini face lift. Let us know what you think by posting a comment to this blog post. If you have ideas and suggestions about other themes and iconic images we should include, we’d love to hear them!


Blog Of The Month

I am going to highlight a blog of the month every month – if you’d like to nominate your blog, post a comment here. I’d love to know why your blog should be singled out above and beyond others – of course ONLY Australian Blogs can be spotlighted here – afterall this is the #1 Australian Blogging Site!

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Australian Blogs Wanted!

We have a few initiatives with partners interested in doing Joint Ventures with you… If you have a blog that caters to visitors and/or potential immigrants or visa applicants to Australia. Your blog can be about moving to Australia or anything to do with newcomers or people considering moving to this beautiful land down under!

Post a comment to this blog post and we’ll get back to you.



1% Improvement the Key to Blogging Success

If you’re keen to get your blog’s readership up, it’s all about doing the 1% that makes a difference. If you watch this brief video, you’ll understand the concept and then I can explain how you can APPLY that to your blog and blogging.

I know how simplistic 1% sounds. But y’now what? That’s the beauty of it.

Everyone can improve 1%, but they don’t.

That’s why anyone who DOES, gets the FULL value of the 1% effort – cool isn’t it?!?!

Yeah I think so.

For your blog, you need to ASK people to post comments on your blog, otherwise people won’t naturally, instinctively do it. Invite them to do it with the promise of a dialogue with them.You’ll see the number of comments increase and the quality of the comments improve over time.

The additional 1% is that your READERS will tell you what they want, are interested in and how you can IMPROVE YOUR BLOG.

Of course you want another 1% improvement idea… POST COMMENTS TO BLOGS LIKE THIS ONE. It’ll create a backlink to you blog and with the high PR ranking of this site/blog, you’ll get the benefit.

It’s win-win. AND it’s only 1%.

But 1% compunded DAILY = 3,778% at the end of the year. That’s impressive.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


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“44 FREE Tips, Tactics And Techniques To Market Your Blog To Double or Triple Your Profit When You Flip It!”

You don’t have to flip your blog to use these strategies… Each one is more than 1% – that more than a month of ideas you can deploy on your blog…