Cockroach – At The Sydney Fringe Festival

COCKROACHAn amoral revenge tale for the #MeToo generation

A story of hope, healing and transformation.

“…as you all know there is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself’ Hannah Gadsby

Cockroach was born from a place of anger. As a woman, I’m growing increasingly frustrated and angry at some men in prominent positions who have been getting away with sexual misconduct and abuse.

Unfortunately, the victims are often suffering alone and in silence. After all, a civilised and sophisticated woman should act like a lady (read: hide her shame, pain and suffering and pretend that all is well).

Well, all is not well.

For victims of abuse, life can never be the same again. It will also be more difficult if they take no action and keep doing what’s expected instead of what’s right.

All the time we hear of stories where the woman was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, wearing the wrong clothes. The perpetrator, it seems, had no choice but to teach this ‘unruly person’ a lesson. The blame is always directed at the victim.

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This Australian production is sure to create a lot of buzz and discussion about this timely, relevant and important topic.

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