Australian Clouds

If you’ve never seen this uniquely Australian phenomenon, watch the video and be amazed at what Mother Nature can create… Gives a whole new meaning to “Cloud Surfing”.

Australian Cloud Formations


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  • That is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing that. I know that when I do travel overseas and return to Australia that the skies here are unique. There is always such a sense of coming home when you see the cloud formations we have.

    Ray Keefe
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  • Wow! That really was neat to watch I have seen so wonderful views from plains in my past but never anything like that.
    Thanks for this Marc very much appreciated.

    Bree Robbins
    Paddington Pups – Queenslands #1 Doggy Daycare Centre

  • Nicholas Brunton-Yeung

    Might it be the Rainbow Serpent returning home from its creative journeying?

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