42 cool Australian internet startups (…and counting)


Richard MacManus’ Read/WriteWeb ran a blog post by Vishal Sharma in Oct06 showcasing the Top web apps in Australia. Placed in a situation where he was always going to be pushing the proverbial up the hill with a Fisher-Price Funtastic shovel, Vishal did a great job. Of most interest to me, however, were the comments on the blog post. Some great startups that were still under the radar.

To indulge my interest in this area (and also to continue on from RWW’s landmark blog post), I have created a wiki and a wiki page. Please feel free to add/delete/amend as you see fit.

· 3eep (url)

· 88 Miles (url)

· Atlassian (url)

· atmail (url)

· b5media (url)

· babbello (url)

· bluepulse (url)

· Buttonator (url)

· buzka (url)

· Campaign Monitor (url)

· Developers Portal (url)

· FactBites (url)

· Feedity (url)

· FindIt (url)

· Fullasagoog (url)

· FWDitOn (url)

· Gamespot (url)

· Gnoos (url)

· mecanbe (url)

· Minti (url)

· NationMaster (url)

· Omnidrive (url)

· PerthNorg (url)

· RaveAboutIt (url)

· Realmap (url)

· Remember the Milk (url)

· Scouta (url)

· ScribbleHere (url)

· Smooth Budget (url)

· Spyk (url)

· Studentface (url)

· Suburb View (url)

· Sukk (url)

· Tangler (url)

· The Australian Index (url)

· The Podcast Network (url)

· Tin Finger (url)

· Touchstone (url)

· Whooiz (url)

· Wyacracker (url)

· Zapr (url)

· Zipphy (url)

· Zookoda (url)



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